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GameTime Fantasy BaseballTM 2012!

A fun and exciting way to enjoy Major League Baseball like never before. This mobile App takes the game on the field and brings it to the palm of your hand — allowing users to compete during individual MLB games.

Product Overview: GameTime Fantasy BaseballTM is interactive, real-time fantasy baseball played in a single game format. 2, 3 or 4 people compete with players they draft from one MLB contest to determine scoring.

Play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from multiple locations - Relax at home or at the ballpark, competing over a WIFI or 3G connection. Challenge friends across the Country or across the street throughout the season.

Each at bat has a point value associated with it, and multiple scores can be effected during every play.

Playing GameTime is a great compliment to Major League Baseball. The App provides a dynamic way to experience the game on the field, plus compete and communicate with friends anywhere, anytime during the MLB season.

Play GameTime each MLB Season for only $1.99, which includes ALL Playoff and World Series games!

A few words from the Developer: This is the first release of GameTime and through many weeks of testing we see the app working flawlessly. However, we realize there may be a glitch or two we haven't encountered as new games and situations develop. Please contact us with your findings! developer@gametimefantasybaseball.com


The GameTime Team


Choose a MLB Game
from the day's schedule.



Setup GameTime:
choose the number of players and format,
then challenge friends.



See players stats and take turns drafting
your team, or let GameTime fill
in the rosters at random.



Real-time data fed to each manager's mobile device allows you to play from anywhere and everywhere...



Watch the game develop pitch by pitch!
The "Final Score" reveals who has bragging rights
until the next challenge is met!


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